Saturday, January 24, 2009

Apple Mighty Mouse - 2 Second Fix!

My Apple Might Mouse wasn't working properly; the scroll ball wasn't scrolling down anymore. It would scroll up, left and right, but not down. Both on a Mac and Windows machine.

I could have spent an hour or more taking it apart. I even found a guide here: - Taking apart an Apple Might Mouse

However, I've taken a part an Apple IIgs, PIsmo, PowerBook, and MacBook, and iPod mini, as well as various keyboard, and in both the best of worst sense of the term, Apple engineers to the edge.

I've fixed all the above, however, there are so many little tags, clips, slots, special shallow screws, and other things in hard to reach places. It's all too easy to scratch or bend things during the process. It's impressive, but neither fast nor fun much of the time.

After watching the guide above, which does do a decent job by-the-way, I had an idea. What about my new favorite cleaner?

Deoxit FaderLube!

I tired dripping a tiny little bit right onto the ball, wiped it several times with a cloth to get out any extra fluid...

..and it works as good as new!!!

It took longer to blog about this than to fix it!