Monday, June 30, 2008

Comparing Mac2Sell with a real life eBay auction

I recently came across a site that apparently tells you how much your used Apple Mac computer is worth:

However, rather than taking it at face value, I instead did an search and found a recently ending Mac laptop for sale in Canada.

Here are the details of the auction:

MacBook Pro 1.83GHz 15" screen 2GB RAM 80GB HDD Intel Core Duo MA463LL/A
Item Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
26 bids
Winning bid: $1,147.56 CAD
Shipping to Canada: $35.64 CAD
Total: $1,183.20 CAD

Here are the results of a search:
MacBook Pro 15 inch Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz 2048 / 80 GB / superdrive
The Mac2Sell Quoted Value is
Total: $1,190.00 CAD

Difference: 99.43%

Although taking only one sample isn't exactly science, after doing a few other searches I found that the site is good at giving back numbers I'd be expecting. It seems pretty much bang on to me.

So the next time you want to pickup a Mac computer on ebay, instead of getting caught up in a bidding war and maybe paying too much, you could simply do a Mac2Sell search and set that as your maximum bid and see what happens. Worst case, you know you haven't overpaid in the heat of bidding.

Or if it's you're searching, now you've got a great reference tool for both buying and selling.