Friday, October 16, 2009

I Justed Launched the open-source and I've already got picked up by 3 websites!

In just these last few days I launched, to share with the world the program I banged out, that turns your Commodore PET into a playable synth. It's open-source (GPL v2) and runs on a stock PET computer without any modifications.

The wonderful people at picked it up, and said it's "surprisingly good considering the hardware limitations..." as well as "...I fear the potential audience for PetSynth is constrained by the number of functional Commodore PETs lurking in attics and basements. Of course, that just makes it cooler."


Also, the terrific people at MatrixSynth picked it up.

As well, the great people at Synthopia also picked it up, saying "It’s starting to look like old 8-bit computers are the new Roland TB-303."

I'm excited at all the wonderful attention, and I look forward to hearing from anyone who tries it out, or decided to actually dive into my messy punk-rock source code.